Beautiful Cream Color Western livery

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Beautiful Cream Color Western livery
« on: December 11, 2019, 09:20:45 AM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a nice recreation of real world Western airline Electra flight from KGTF Great Falls International Airport located three miles southwest of central Great Falls in Cascade County, Montana to CYYC Calgary International Airport located approximately 11 miles northeast of downtown area of city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada

Jetway disconnecting from the Electra plane showing real genuine cream color Western livery

Dig this amazing perfect cream color of both sides of the plane

Starting each of engines in the succeeding screenshots while you admire realistic looking cream color livery of Western airline

leaving passenger apron to taxi to short of runway 21

Passing hangar buildings of Holman Aviation company

Entering into runway 21 for take off

Airborne on climb to F2200

Making right turn to start executing the flight plan route COUTS YQL VUCAN YYC WISKI VOBAR

Still on right turn and still on climb with nice background view of Missouri River, thinner highway called Old US Highway 91 and thicker highway called Highway route number 15

Heading to north to Canada

Dont you love cream color Western livery?

Drat  forgot the name of this lake

Reaching F220

Cruising at Fl200 across winter landscape

Passing Lake Elwell


Descending from fl220 to 10,000 ft

Passing through clouds

On final runway approach to runway 35left with background view of Calgary surburb called Sundance where you can see Sundance lake and avenue road called Sun Valley Blvd

Passing above Calgary surburbs called Queensland and Queensland Down

Approaching city landscape of Calgary where you can see stadium called Calgary Saddledome which is home of Calgary Flames team and Calgary Tower

Passing Bow River with St Georges Island in middle of the river

That office building is perfect for airport spotting

Seconds before touchdown

Have not seen Esso name for long time


Front landing gliding down slowly to make runway contact

Braking down

Exiting from runway 35left into taxiway C2 on way to gate

Holding on taxiway C2 awaiting for ground controller to give clearance to taxi to gate

Taxiing to gate

Must be tough for green grass to survive winter

Arrived at gate to drop off passengers

Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight!!