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  • [11/29/2020 1800-2200Z] Sunday Brunch in Seattle: November 29, 2020

[11/29/2020 1800-2200Z] Sunday Brunch in Seattle

Jonny Kukula

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[11/29/2020 1800-2200Z] Sunday Brunch in Seattle
« on: November 07, 2020, 04:20:40 pm »

Come One, Come all! We are starting up our Monthly Events starting with Sunday Brunch in Seattle. After having some brunch in Downtown Seattle, make a Mid Day flight to ANY of your favorite airports! Starting at 10:00am (1800z) and ending at 2:00pm (2200z) we will be having all of your favorite ZSE controllers staff up at Seattle! (after our brunch, duh) Hope to see you there!