[22 NOV, 2359z] *Virtual USA Flying Club* PYM Thanksgiving Fly-In

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Turkey day is coming and in celebration of Thanksgiving we are inviting all Virtual USA pilots to fly in where the original Thanksgiving happened: Plymouth, Massachusetts. You can start from any airport you would like to and fly into KPYM Plymouth Municipal Airport between the hours of 7:00pm - 9:30PM EST (0000z-0230z). You can fly whatever time you want in the sim but with day settings, you will be able to check out the sites. You can also explore the New England area and then land at KPYM for your final destination as it is very scenic on Cape Cod and there are some islands you can fly into such as KBID Block Island State airport, KMVY Martha’s Vineyard Airport, and KACK Nantucket Memorial Airport. Feel free to also take a scenic tour of Providence, Rhode Island, the mansions of Newport, Rhode Island and if you’re daring, brave the Boston class B airspace to check out Boston.

Club members are welcome to bring any General Aviation aircraft they would like to visit Plymouth.  If you are departing from a more remote airport, take something that is a little faster. If you want to check out some sites, take something slower. Work up your appetite for the Thanksgiving feast on Thursday.

Pilot Briefing - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dcZ6JztpEI9A_v0eTFyUlAquQQO8MgNk/view?usp=sharing

Join us on discord at - discord.gg/hutMwWR