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  • Tracon Tuesday 1600-2000PST (2359-0400Z): January 26, 2021

Tracon Tuesday 1600-2000PST (2359-0400Z)

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Tracon Tuesday 1600-2000PST (2359-0400Z)
« on: November 21, 2020, 10:39:41 am »
ZSE Having More Tracons open then just Portland and Seattle? Yep! You read that right! On January 26th from 1600-2000 PST (2359-0400Z) ZSE Will be staffing as many Tracons and we possibly can in our airspace! Come fly out of all the Airports like KEUG,KLMT,KGEG AND so many More! Hop into your favorite Aircraft and have some fun!
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