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News / Position Posting: Fort Worth DATM
« Last post by Mark Jeffreys on Today at 04:01:54 pm »
Fort Worth ARTCC is currently seeking applicants for the DATM position.

• Serves as the assistant to the ATM
• Serves as the Air Traffic Manager in the absence of the ATM
• Oversees the day to day operations of the ARTCC
• Manages the VATUSA and ARTCC rosters
• Welcomes new members to the ARTCC
• Other duties as assigned by the Air Traffic Manager and/or VATUSA Staff

Minimum Qualifications:
• Must be an active member of the network, in good standing
• Must have excellent written and oral communication skills
• Must be able to work in a team environment

Preferred Qualifications:
• Previous training staff (mentor, instructor, etc.) experience
• Supervisory or management experience
• Real world aviation experience

Please submit applications to

Application must include:
Name, active email address, and CID
Resume (including any applicable real world management experience)
Short summary of plans and vision for the facility

This position will remain open until filled with a qualified candidate.

What to Expect:
This position is NOT an entry level position and will require significant time commitments to effectively perform the duties of DATM. All applications will go through an initial evaluation. Candidates who pass the evaluation will be contacted for an interview. Interviews will begin Sunday, February 24th. All candidates will be notified if/when a selection is made.
And, just in case you were not aware, the exam is only for student controllers.  There is currently no test required for you to fly on the network.
Lots of questions here, so I'll try to answer them one by one.

Is V-pilot a good choice to communicate with ATC?

Yes, vPilot is the way to go if you're flying on the P3D platform. Teamspeak on the other hand is used for coordination with other controllers and for hanging out with the members of the ARTCC that you've chosen. Some ARTCCs have chosen to move to Discord as well. The ARTCC that you choose will send you a welcome email or message of some sort that will have details regarding their specific Discord or Teamspeak.

So because I failed, canI still fly.  What are the next steps.

Yes, flying and controlling are essentially two different operations. Paul the pilot != Paul the controller. You can still fly, you just have to wait until the basic exam is reassigned to take it again. On your next attempt, read the questions very carefully. Some of them are not always the easiest to decipher  ;D. Take your time, read slow, and use your resources.
I fly every day but for the last 2 years I haven't flown with you guys and want to get back into it.
I see I have v-pilot on my computer and started it up and successfully did a radio check with ATC.  So I am good??
Is V-pilot a good choice to communicate with ATC?  ? I see references to TEAMSPEAK (not familar with that)

I took the test here and failed.  very tricky questions (like calm wind in <3 kts versus 3 kts or less).  So because I failed, canI still fly.  What are the next steps.  I don't see a way to re-take it.

Anything else I need to know?  Using latest P3D and PMDG planes - full voice capable. (I am not a pilot)
The Control Room Floor / Re: Squawk Readback Correct
« Last post by Robert Shearman Jr on Today at 07:44:05 am »
Technically he could just say "Roger, N123AB," and that would be perfectly acceptable readback. Since this is (Technically) an acceptable readback, the controller (In my opinion) should just say "Readback correct."
I'm not sure I would ever respond "readback correct" to a pilot who hasn't read anything back.  Personally I'd just roll into verifying ATIS / altimeter & expected departure runway.
Events / Re: [16 FEB 2359-0400z] Daytona 500 Fly-In
« Last post by Peter Shivery on Today at 07:23:16 am »
This event is tonight! Looking forward to seeing everyone there :).
The Control Room Floor / Re: Squawk Readback Correct
« Last post by Frank Miller on Today at 02:43:02 am »
I have also heard “squawk readback correct” in real-world.   I’d suggest this is not a VATSIM-ism, but is rather a natural variation that can be permitted to persist.   In fact, some variability in phraseology contributes to immersion.   

We’ve got bigger fish to fry in training more generally.  For instance, I’m focused more on ensuring our students appreciate the difference between “Cleared to” and “Cleared direct”!

Also...... unable end of world.  Say intentions.
Events / ZAU-ZOB crossfire
« Last post by Jack Barton on February 15, 2019, 12:08:22 pm »
Details/banner to come!!
General Discussion / Re: Showcase at Evergreen Aviation Museum
« Last post by Owen Bliss on February 15, 2019, 08:25:45 am »
Awesome stuff Justin. I hope to see more events like this across Vatusa!
Miami (vZMA) / [March 2nd 2019-2359z-0400z]Miami Meet Up
« Last post by Daniel Channani on February 15, 2019, 03:59:30 am »

On March 2nd 2019, ZMA ARTCC will be hosting the Miami Meet Up from 2359z till 0400z.
Aircraft are to depart one of the Featured airports and meet at KMIA, with full ATC services.
Come have some fun and say what's up!

Featured departing airports:

Featured meet up/landing airport:

Featured routing:




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