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  • ZNY's Tower Thursday: TTN Trenton-Mercer: January 14, 2021

[14 Jan 2021 2330-0400z] ZNY's Tower Thursday: TTN Trenton-Mercer

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ZNY is hosting our first Tower-centric event in a long time on Thursday January 14 from 6:30pm to 11pm EST (2330z-0400z). Pack the Trenton-Mercer pattern KTTN as well as you can from all directions. Suggested to either start at TTN and request pattern work or depart IFR/VFR, or start from any of the close-in airports within 10-20 miles and enter the Trenton pattern from the outside at places like:

KPNE - Northeast Philadelphia Airport-
N87 - Trenton-Robbinsville Airport
39N - Princeton Airport
KDYL - Doylestown Airport

Basically, just buzz around KTTN for as long as you can, making the controllers earn their pay. Potentially, start from a little further away and request flight following from Philadelphia Approach, New York Approach, or Allentown Approach.
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